may the power protect you always

Daddy’s birthday party, with my family love them all so much


There are only sixteen days left until Nickelodeon becomes Super Mega.

Today we look back on Wesley Collins, the Red Time Force Ranger. Raised as the only heir to a massive fortune, we meet Wes as he lives in the lap of luxury. When Wes meets the agents of Time Force, he knows that he must join in the fight against Ransik and his army of mutant criminals. Taking the role of the Red Ranger, Wes learns firsthand what is wrong with his city, and what part his father played in causing it. Wes is soon disowned, choosing to walk his own path with his fellow Rangers. In the final battle, Wes is taught firsthand that he has the power to create his own destiny, not anyone else.

From Wes we learn the power of choices.

power rangers + being sexy